Michelle Teo Webinar

As the world begins to open its metaphorical doors once again, many workplaces will have plans in place to open their physical doors. While the logistical plans may be prepared, employers may still be concerned about assisting their employees through this transition.  

Joining us to discuss how to create a psychologically safe workplace for your employees is Dr. Michelle Teo, Zevo Health. Dr. Michelle’s  clinical interests range from adolescence to adult mental health issues, particularly mood disorders and personality disorders. She is also hugely interested in workplace well-being and forensic psychology.  

This webinar will cover:  

  • Returning to the office during COVID-19  
  • The potential psychological impact of returning to office for both employees and employers 
  • A proactive approach for employers to ensure the psychological safety of their teams 
  • Creating healthy working environments that remain effective despite the ongoing changes and uncertainty in the wider world. 

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar will be applicable to employers and their teams who are already back to the office as well as those who are in the midst of phased transitions or looking to return in the near future. 

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