Living with COVID has brought a myriad of changes to our working environment, whether we are reflecting on the move to working remotely for an extended period of time, contemplating boundaries with considering work/life balance, or reassessing our relationship with job satisfaction and productivity.

One of the major changes that we are dealing with in the working landscape is connection and communication. Restrictions are in place for over a year now, which means that we are limited in our range as to how we can reach out to others, engage and interact.

Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is an area of the working world that may have traditionally been considered a “soft skill”, and may have been put aside in favour of more tangible attributes. However, when we take a deeper exploration into what it means to have emotional intelligence, we can see that those skills are vital for connecting and developing relationships with others, especially in such a dynamic world.

Some of the topics that this webinar will explore include:

  • What it means to have emotional intelligence
  • Benefits of developing these skills
  • Changing traditional beliefs
  • How we can develop our skills in this area
  • Why it applies to the current climate

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