DavinaDavina Ramkissoon, Health & Wellbeing Director will discuss employee engagement, why it is needed and how it can serve us in our workplaces. Organisations have gone through rapid change in the last year in response to the pandemic. This has had numerous repercussions across all dimensions of organizational and employee wellbeing. Along with the rapid and constant change, we have been catapulted into a period of uncertainty and high unpredictability which creates challenges for employee engagement.

Some of the topics that Davina will explore include: 

  • Reviewing traditional thoughts of employee engagement
  • Review the stage that is being set for employee engagement
  • How to adjust our approach to remote working
  • Making the concept seem less abstract and more concrete
  • How organisations are working harder and more consciously to ensure that the human aspect of work is not lost to task-focused transactional interactions

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