Global trends indicate that middle management are facing many challenges in the modern workplace, feeling the pressure from above, from leadership and below, managing their teams. Many report being stressed and overworked trying to balance team wellbeing and productivity while meeting leadership expectations.  

Middle managers however are uniquely placed to deliver value through developing talent. Yet, according to a recent McKinsey report, they are increasingly occupied with administrative tasks and evaluated on their individual-contributor work. As a result, managers are spending less than a third of their time on managing people. However, trained managers are resourced to translate senior-leadership visions, develop strong team relationships, drive performance and effective operations, while also looking after their own wellbeing. 

Join Pamela Lennon, Wellbeing Specialist for Zevo Health as she explores the topic of supporting manager wellbeing and influencing work culture.

This webinar will explore

  • The role of management in workplace wellbeing 
  • Facilitating team wellbeing and psychological safety 
  • People management skills in the new working world 
  • Moving towards wellbeing strategy solutions and influencing work culture 
  • Self-care strategies for managers 

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