We are thrilled to be returning with the biggest and most exciting workplace wellbeing competition – The Fittest Workplace Challenge 2022.  

In 2021 the Zevo Health Fittest Workplace Challenge launched worldwide. Companies of all sizes and from a wide diversity of sectors took part. The event was a huge success, with resoundingly positive feedback from all involved.  

We are delighted to be sitting down with Niamh O’Connor, Senior HR Manager for CPL to discuss CPL’s journey and experience with The Fittest Workplace Challenge.  

Emma Cooke, Commerical Manager for Zevo Health will be joining Niamh to discuss the below topics;  

  • The benefits of the Fittest Workplace Challenge for organisations (employee health, creating team cohesion, company profile to prospective recruits, publicity) 
  • How CPL benefited from taking part in the FWC 
  • How CPL employees engaged with Zevo Health’s digital platform  
  • Why CPL took part in this challenge and the long-lasting effects that Niamh has seen within her organisation 

Watch recording below