Nollaig O'Sullivan Zevo HealthNollaig is a Performance Psychologist with over ten years experience working in psychology and research. She specialises in the areas of resilience, communication and improving your work/life balance.

Nollaig is taking us through some simple and effective ways to manage your time in work and use this to maximise your wellbeing. We would all love to have an extra couple of hours in our days. As this is not possible, we need to be more efficient with our time. It might be prioritising our time better or creating a schedule that reflects our work and personal priorities.

We all know how important time management is but difficult to identify and act on the areas that we might be making mistakes in or areas we could improve in.

Nollaig explores how we should manage our time more efficiently by focusing on what distracts or steals our time away.

In the name of time management, we kept the webinar to a concise and productive 15 mins.

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