Join us for an enlightening experience in our first webinar of the series focused on Content Moderation in the Gaming Industry. This event will feature a distinguished panel of experts, offering profound insights into this dynamic field. Our panel includes Dr Michelle Teo, Clinical Director at Zevo Health, Sharon Fisher, Head of Trust & Safety at Keywords Studio, and Sabine Ernst, Wellbeing & Resilience Program Manager at Keywords Studio.

Dive deep into the essential role of Content Moderators within the gaming world. Learn strategic approaches to assemble a strong moderation team, encompassing aspects of team formation, comprehensive training, and the integration of cutting-edge tools. Our specialists will impart crucial advice on supporting the mental health of moderators, sharing strategies and support systems to protect against occupational hazards, thereby fostering a resilient and robust moderation team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the role of Content Moderators in Gaming
  • Building an effective moderation team: Strategies and best practices
  • Protecting moderators from psychological risks: Tools and support systems




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