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Adrian YeatesFor some of us, the thought of achieving large goals is exciting, however, for most of us it is a daunting prospect. This negative reaction is probably because we are not used to reaching the goals we create. There can be many factors that can make goal achievement more difficult, but most likely the reason we miss certain goals is because a lot of the time we set ourselves up to fail:

Joining us to look at how to achieve our goals is Adrian Yeates. Adrian has complemented his business experience by up-skilling in Training Delivery and Evaluation, a Certificate in Stress Management as well as courses and retreats in Mindfulness.

With over thirty years of commercial business experience, Adrian brings a fresh perspective to Workplace Wellbeing. Notwithstanding a history of depression and anxiety, he has worked successfully in several industries, both at home and abroad, and at all management levels including CEO.

In this webinar Adrian covers:
·       Avoiding the pitfalls of goal setting.
·       Achieve effective goal setting & motivation.
·       Why procrastination can be used as a defence mechanism and how to avoid this.
·       Metrics that will help achieve goals (SMART)
·       Break down the smart goal model into seven easy to follow steps.

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