Join us for our second webinar in the series focused on gaming Content Moderation, where we delve into the nurturing of these unsung superheroes. In this session, we are excited to feature insights from Dr Michelle Teo, Clinical Director at Zevo Health, along with Mafalda Pereira, Senior Team Lead, Sabine Ernst, Wellbeing & Resilience Program Manager at Keywords Studio and Giovane Almeida, PS Agent from Keywords Studio.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the unique challenges faced by Content Moderators in the gaming industry. Discover strategies for effectively utilizing wellbeing resources, and learn how to identify gaps in current support programs. We’ll also highlight the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration to enhance the experiences of Content Moderators and bring a human face to these vital roles.

Key takeaways:

  • Insight into the challenges of gaming content moderation
  • Strategies for meaningful engagement with wellbeing resources
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in support programs
  • Providing effective psychological support to moderators
  • The value of cross-discipline collaboration in improving moderator experiences



Watch webinar Below