Preventive care can play a significant role in employees’ long-term health, helping them avoid or delay the onset of health conditions that can drastically affect their wellbeing.
Join Pamela Lennon, Wellbeing Specialist for Zevo Health as she explores the topic of preventative health and how we can put life in our years.


  • This webinar will explore the below topics –
  • How to put more life in your years through proactive strategies for health and quality of life
  • Chronic illness awareness at work/lifestyle prevention/ health screening promotion (cancer, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension)
  • Mind/body research: How mindset matters- how you think it affects your health and wellbeing
  • Physical presentations of stress and burnout: digestive disorders, cardiovascular issues, unexplained headaches and aches and techniques to manage wellbeing holistically with evidence-based techniques.

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