Content moderators arguably do one of the most important jobs on the internet. In the past years, the need for content moderation has exponentially grown. Wellbeing support has traditionally focused on the provision of therapeutic intervention and resilience training.

Zevo Health work with over 25,000 Trust and Safety Professionals, spanning 40+ languages across the globe offering 24/7 gold standard wellbeing support.

In this webinar, our experts will explore a best in class approach to implementing the perfect trust and safety wellbeing programme for your organisation.

This webinar will cover:

Why supporting content moderators is an essential part of the role?

Zevo’s three-tiered approach to implementing the perfect wellbeing programme for your organisation:

  1. Conduct a Psychosocial Assessment to enhance your company’s wellbeing culture
  2. Spotlight the needs of your Trust and Safety Department for optimal engagement
  3. Implement a wellbeing programme that safeguards every content moderator in your organisation

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