JP WEBINARSleep is the foundation of our health, but it’s an area that we often neglect and kick to the side when life gets in the way. With our routine having been thrown into a storm of change lately, we have all had to evolve and settle into our new norm, for better or for worse.

One area that you might imagine would improve is the quality and duration of sleep we get, which from a wellbeing standpoint is great. However, we have been receiving feedback that the way people are sleeping is changing for better and for worse.

Join us for this month’s webinar, brought to you by our exercise and nutrition specialist, John Paul Hughes, as he discusses how COVID-19 affect our sleep and our performance when it comes to work. This webinar will cover the following topics:

How we can optimize our sleeping habits during the current situation.
Gain an understanding of what happens when we shut off each night.
The importance sleep has on our mental and physical health.

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