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Ann Gleason Stress and AnxietyAnn Gleeson is a psychotherapist with experience working in the areas of humanistic and integrative therapy. Ann has amassed a great deal of knowledge in the area of mental health through her therapeutic work with clients. Twinning this with her long standing skill set working in media, she has the ability to create an engaging, informative and resonating plan of action when it comes to wellness and mental health.

Ann explores some of the common fundamentals around stress & anxiety. Anxiety is a future-oriented feeling of fear or apprehension. This emotion is our body’s natural response to stress in our environment. Like all our emotions, anxiety has a very adaptive function. When we experience a threat to our wellbeing (stress), anxiety motivates us to take action through our fight, flight or freeze response to keep us safe from harm.

Some of the areas Anne will explore include:

– What is stress and anxiety

– What is the difference between stress and anxiety

– Why does it happen – fight or flight

– Tips on what to do to manage it


*This is not medical advice, please contact a medical professional if you think you need to seek further help.

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