About This Webinar

Seasonal affective disorder is a form of depression that emerges in particular seasons of the year and affects one in 15 in Ireland. The most common months that SAD occurs is through the winter season. The symptoms for SAD are a feeling of hopelessness, depressed mood, lack of energy, negative effect on productivity levels and changes in sleep patterns, among others.

Joining us to discuss the impact SAD can have on an organisation is Ann Gleeson, psychotherapist with experience working in the areas of humanistic and integrative psychotherapy. Ann has amassed a great deal of knowledge in the area of mental health, through her therapeutic work with clients. Twinning this with her long-standing skill set working in media, she has the ability to create an engaging, informative and resonating plan of action when it comes to wellness and mental health.

In this webinar Ann will cover:

  • How SAD can affect individuals differently
  • How SAD can affect employees’ working experience, performance and quality of work
  • Why it is important for employers to acknowledge the effect of SAD
  • What employers can do to support employees

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