Kristin Webinar

It can be hard to feel optimistic in current times – our health is threatened, our support networks are separated, and we have to stop planning for the foreseeable future.

For some, this can feel like a major roadblock on the path to happiness, and for others, this situation is likely triggering many uncomfortable emotions that are connected to feeling uncertain – anger, fear, sadness. Although the world is largely focusing on all that is going wrong in this COVID-19 season, Zevo Health wants to take this opportunity to cut through the noise and explore the opposite side of the current situation: all of the things that are also going right.

Joining is to discuss how to use positive psychology through difficult times is Zevo Health’s Senior Health Coach, Kristin Finkbeiner, PhD.

This webinar will cover:

– How we can tune into the positivity surrounding us
– Ways we can continue to grow through adversity
– Tips and steps on how we can find peace in times like these

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