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Empowering Trust & Safety: TSPA EMEA Summit 2024

By May 10, 2024May 14th, 2024No Comments

We’re attending TSPA EMEA! We can’t wait to welcome you to Dublin 

It is getting to the best part of the year, summer in Dublin! Well, one sunny day in the last few weeks, but it was lovely.  

And with that comes the wonderful event that is the TSPA EMEA Summit. The theme for this year’s summit is “The Power of Collaboration.” This year’s event was built to really feature local EMEA voices, looking at how we can work together to impact Trust and Safety across the region.  

Our Clinical Director, Dr Michelle Teo, will be presenting on recent innovations we have seen in measuring Content Moderator wellbeing. We know from experience working with some of the world’s leading social media companies and BPOs, that traditional metrics for measuring wellbeing often fall short in capturing the nuanced and multifaceted experiences of content moderators.  

The baseline metric has always been utilization and participation rates in services, but we believe that psychological health encompasses so much more. Michelle  will highlight the existing gaps in measuring content moderator wellbeing, explore how a more comprehensive and innovative measurement framework can lead to better support systems and interventions, discuss the relevance and practicality of incorporating metrics that go beyond the traditional in assessing content moderator wellbeing, and share insights from our research collaborative project where moderators actively contribute to the design and evaluation of our metrics. All in 25 minutes!  

In the afternoon, Shauna Farrell, Clinical Program Lead at Zevo Health, takes part in a panel session entitled ‘From Shock to Work: T&S Teams Mental Health During Wartime’, with CheckStep and Concentrix. Wars are shocking events that one cannot prepare for. This panel looks at how to deal with the initial shock, support people through mental difficulties and how to move forward as an individual and team.  

TSPA EMEA happens for just one day, offering great keynotes, presentations, panels, workshops, and for the first time this year, roundtables. There are 25+ other sessions you can attend. Check out the agenda here 

We will be exhibiting at the event, and are proud sponsors, so we look forward to seeing you there. Pop along to our booth to pick up some Zevo SWAG, find out about how we help ensure Content Moderator wellbeing and talk to us about new innovations in psychological health and wellbeing.  

This year’s event takes place at the Clayton Hotel Burlington Road on Friday May 17. There are still some tickets available here.   

We can’t wait to see you there!  



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