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Maintain health and well being this Christmas

By December 18, 2018November 28th, 2022No Comments

Christmas is generally not the easiest time of year for both diet and exercise. For many, it is a time of year when all things health goes out the window. Both at home and within the working environment there is chocolate, sweets, and tins of biscuits coming from all directions. There are some simple ways to maximise your health over the Christmas period without restricting yourself, by adapting to a few simple techniques you will keep your body in check. Within the workplace slight encouragement will help your employees in the long term, your employee’s wellness will benefit in the long run.
Stay hydrated
Water can help satiate appetite and keep your body regulating at its best. It helps to keep you fuller for longer, so you don’t end up consuming extra calories. Aim for a minimum of 2 liters of water daily.

Snack smart
Christmas is a time when everywhere you look, cakes, chocolate, sweets, and desserts are readily available. But before tucking into the tin of Roses think about whether you really want them or are just eating out of boredom. Also snacking on more nutritious and denser foods will fill you up for longer. Don’t forget to get in your fruit and veg requirements for each day.

Be active
Try to keep up your regular activities wherever possible. If you can’t make it to the gym for your usual sessions, try to get your family and friends involved at home or by going for walks to help reach your step goals. If driving to events, try parking the car further away to burn some of those extra calories.

Set realistic goals
The holidays can bring some unexpected plans, so it’s important to set realistic goals and targets to hit on a daily basis. We find that if you normally exercise for up to an hour, setting a target for 30 active minutes will help you without sacrificing fun with family and friends.

Drink in moderation
It’s best not to over-do it on the alcohol, as these beverages have many hidden calories, not to mention that the more you drink, the less likely you are to exercise the day after or stick to regular eating habits. Try drinking a glass of water between drinks to keep dehydration at bay!

Spend time with loved ones
The Christmas season is all about enjoying experiences friends and family. Make use of your time off by planning activities where you can get everyone involved. Experiences like this can go a long way in maintaining positive mental health.

There are ways to fully enjoy Christmas while keeping overall health and wellness in check. Keep aspects of your day to day routine will benefit you in the long run. Within the workplace, these benefits will also maintain your employee wellness.

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