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The day after Workplace Wellbeing day

By April 12, 2018November 28th, 2022No Comments

Companies across Ireland are invited to celebrate employee health this Friday, April 13th on National Workplace Wellbeing Day. This special day has been celebrated in Ireland for three years running and is the only event of its kind in Europe. National Workplace Wellness Day gives companies the opportunity to showcase their commitments to employee health and wellbeing. We fully embrace the national workplace wellness day, as it is great to have a day to show company’s commitment to workplace wellbeing. For the participating companies however, it should not just be a one-day event. We here at Zevo health believe that Workplace Wellness gets the best results when it is an ongoing and integrated part of the company culture. Having an ongoing workplace wellness strategy aims to have employees make long term positive health changes. A one day event leads to one day of healthier choices that are soon forgotten the next day.

National Workplace Wellbeing Day was created by Food Drink Ireland, a part of Ibec, in response to a study that showed that employee exercise groups are one of the most effective ways to promote physical activity in the workplace.

National Workplace Wellbeing Day gives employers the opportunity to be recognised for their commitment to workplace wellbeing. Investing in employee wellbeing is not only the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint, it also makes business sense. Employee health is a major driver of productivity and engagement and wellbeing programs are a valuable tool that employers can use to recruit top talent.

While one-off events like National Workplace Wellbeing Day can be great for comradery and engaging employees in health and wellness, wellness activities should actually be a part of regular business. A well thought out vision and a comprehensive wellness strategy are key factors for long-term success. A successful workplace wellness programme delivers lasting results and has a foundation of leadership support, employee engagement, and strategic communication.

For more information on how to Integrate Workplace Wellness into you Company Culture and why it is important to do so check out our webinar on the 27th of April at 11.00am BST.

What will your breakfast be like the day after workplace wellness day?

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