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Workplace Wellbeing Warriors: Ocuco

By November 27, 2020November 28th, 2022No Comments

Here at Zevo Health, we understand the importance of employee recognition and appreciating people who go that extra mile to remain engaged and drive wellbeing through the culture of their organisation.

That is why we have developed The Workplace Wellbeing Warrior Employee Recognition Initiative.

The meaning behind the initiative? 

The idea behind The Workplace Wellbeing Warrior Initiative is to recognise those employees in your organisation that make a significant contribution to your organisation’s wellbeing.

We want to recognise individuals in organisations that make the extra effort to boost employee morale and ensure everyone is valued and happy in work.

Who has been recognised?

We are delighted to announce that many employees from Ocuco have been recognised for the initiative they have showcased to be drivers of workplace wellbeing.

Ocuco is an Irish owned optical software company with a strong international presence. Established in Dublin in 1993 by CEO Leo MacCanna, Ocuco pioneered clinical recording systems for Irish independent optometrists which later expanded to include retail and marketing solutions. The Irish ophthalmic industry, a superset of global eye care business and optometric processes, provided a conducive environment for developing clinical and retail systems suitable for international markets.

Ocuco take a priority in the wellbeing of their employees and ensuring their staff are happy and healthy in work.

Who are Ocuco’s wellbeing warriors?


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