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Free E-Book | The Fittest Workplace Challenge-Case Report 2022

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Engagement, motivation and positive energy can be hard to keep alive at the best of times, but with the added nuisance of a global pandemic, this can be more challenging.

We want to support organisations in boosting employee morale and bringing them closer together through our hugely popular company v company challenge – Ireland’s Fittest Workplace.

Hosted through our Zevo Health technology, we keep your employees connected and engaged while promoting positive wellbeing no matter where in the world they are.

The challenge pushes companies to measure up against themselves to ensure they are not just improving the health and wellbeing of their employees but also creating fantastic engagement and keeping spirits high within organisations.

The eBook covers topics such as the benefits of deducing sedentary behaviour, investing in employee health, and other health benefits that can occur as a knock-on factor.

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