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The Fittest Workplace Challenge (FWC) is a uniquely different activity challenge initiative purposefully designed for employees in any business environment, across diverse industries. Companies compete for the prized title of “Fittest Workplace” over fourteen days – with the ultimate goal to be the team that reaches the highest average score, based primarily on step count.

Engagement, motivation, and positive energy can be hard to keep alive at the best of times and with many of us working from home this is harder than ever. The benefits of some healthy competition and physical exercise have been shown to boost employee engagement and team morale. Wellbeing Experts at Zevo Health have designed The Fittest Workplace Challenge-Case Study eBook to look further into the benefits that the Fittest Workplace created. The eBook covers topics such as the benefits of deducing sedentary behavior, investing in employee health, and other health benefits that can occur as a knock-on factor.

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