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Free Whitepaper | What can organisations do to improve content moderator wellbeing? Current research interventions and future recommendations

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About this Whitepaper

Enhance your understanding of the critical role of content moderators through this informative whitepaper. Content moderators play a vital role in upholding platform policies, guidelines, community standards, and regional legal requirements by meticulously reviewing user-generated content. However, the nature of their work exposes them to potentially traumatic content, leading to various psychological risks that intensify with repeated exposure and inadequate workplace support.

Delve into our comprehensive whitepaper meticulously crafted by our team of Wellbeing Specialists, which delves into the following key topics:

  1. Impacting Factors on Content Moderator Wellbeing: Explore the multifaceted factors that significantly influence the overall wellbeing of content moderators. Gain insights into the complex interplay between their work environment, psychological health, and the content they encounter.
  2. Providing Psychological Support throughout Employment: Discover effective strategies and techniques to provide essential psychological support to content moderators throughout their employment journey. Learn how organizations can create a nurturing and resilient work environment that prioritizes the mental and emotional wellbeing of their moderators.
  3. What Can Organizations Do?: Gain valuable insights into practical steps and actionable recommendations that organizations can implement to support their content moderation teams effectively. Discover best practices, tools, and policies that can enhance the overall wellbeing of content moderators and promote a healthy and sustainable work environment.

This whitepaper serves as an indispensable resource for organizations seeking to better understand and address the psychological challenges faced by content moderators. By implementing the knowledge and recommendations shared within, organizations can foster a culture of support and wellbeing, ensuring the long-term success and happiness of their invaluable moderation teams.

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