Employee Wellbeing Trainings/Workshops

Exploring the important elements that encourage employers and employees to improve their overall health and the wellbeing of the company.

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About our Employee Wellbeing Trainings/Workshops

Employee health is the promotion of combined elements to encourage employers and employees on how to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the company. In these trainings we explore the many factors that can decrease the wellbeing in a company and provide the tools and resources to overcome these factors and improve the wellbeing of both the employer and employee.

We have a range of other workshops that may suit your needs too so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you do not see one for you here.

Popular Workshops

Managing Change

  • This training explores how change and transition can impact individuals in different ways and how it’s helpful to identify an individual’s approach to change and transition.
  • Attendees gain an understanding on how to support their team through the process of change.
  • Suitable for any member or organisation keen to understand how change can affect us and how we can learn to adapt and overcome the negative impact of change.

Managing Coronavirus Anxiety

  • This training provides attendees with the tools on how to manage stress and anxiety during COVID-19.
  • Explores the difference between stress and anxiety and tips on what to do to manage it.
  • Suitable for any member that is worried or anxious due to Covid 19 and the many impacts it has had on our lives.

Adjusting Emotionally To Working From Home

  • This training provides attendees with a number of tools and techniques to help navigate them through this time.
  • Provide attendees with the tools to manage their time effectively to ensure some valuable “me time” is achieved, managing distractions and providing ways to help achieve a better work life balance.
  • Suitable for any member that is working remotely and looking for tools and techniques to manage the challenges that this new way of working has brought about.

Financial Wellbeing - Preparing for the What Ifs of Life

  • Participants will leave with confidence in how they can put in place strategies to address the unknown financial challenges that life throws at us.
  • This training is designed to remind employees of the curveballs that life can throw at us and how we can protect ourselves and our household against these threats.
  • This training will highlight and remind your employees of any risk benefits provided by employers such as disability benefits, death in service, health insurance, etc.

Achieving Financial Wellbeing

  • Participants will get a deeper understanding of the financial benefits provided to employees by employers such as Death In Service entitlements, Income Continuance Benefits, Sick Leave Benefits, Health Insurance contributions, and complimentary Pension Contributions.
  • Suitable for anyone looking for an understanding of financial wellbeing and practical steps to improve employees overall financial wellbeing.

Rebuilding Social Connection

  • Participants will leave with an understanding of the importance of social connection for the mental health of themselves and their colleagues.
  • Attendees will also be given the tools to ensure they can foster social connection even in a ‘remote-first work environment’.
  • Suitable for anyone looking for an understanding of the importance of social connection for the mental health of themselves and their colleagues.

Connection: The Importance And New Opportunities

  • This session will leave the attendees with a range of new skills to help them adapt to the new challenges of communicating.
  • Will help attendees build strong connections in a remote-first work environment.
  • Suitable for anyone who wants to explore the importance of social connection, but also bringing to light all the new opportunities that have arisen as a result.

Self Care Strategies For Home

  • This training covers the coping strategies required for positive self-care and how to ensure that we are continuing to build on our positive mental health.
  • Attendees receive several techniques and tips to ensure self-care is a priority, even in a busy life.
  • Suitable for anyone who is interested in learning coping strategies required for positive self-care and how to ensure that we are continuing to build on our positive mental health.

Hear from Past Participants of our Programmes

“I would like to thank the Zevo Health team for a really excellent programme and something people can use on an ongoing basis. Your support during the programme, on-site and off and responsiveness has been excellent.”


“Zevo Mental Health Champion training was in-depth & enlightening, providing the tools to deal with issues, how to support staff and the importance of self-care. A must for all managers”


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I speak to a team member from Zevo Health?

You can speak with a team member from Zevo Health through messaging our website, sending us an email to sales@zevohealth.com, or calling on +353 1 903 8279

Are Zevo Health trainings suitable for all my employees?

Yes, all our trainings are designed by wellbeing specialists to suit all your employees. Our team will recommend the most suitable training for your organisation, depending on the needs of your employees.

Where does Zevo Health deliver their trainings?

Zevo Health delivers their trainings either virtually, on your site or at the location of your choice.

How many people can attend a Zevo Health training?

You can choose how many of your employees attend the training.

Why choose Employee Wellbeing training for your team or organization?

Our Employee Wellbeing trainings are tailor-made to address the dynamic landscape of the corporate environment. The workplace is a drastically different place now than it was a year ago, and so too will it be another year from now. Our wellbeing research team strives to keep their ear to the ground so to address the challenges that your employees face right now.

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We have a range of other workshops that may suite your needs too so don't hesitate to ask if you do not see one for you here