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Workplace Wellbeing Platform & App

Create a winning culture with leading edge technology in workplace wellbeing.

Explore the technology behind Zevo Health

Employer Access

We take the stress out of managing your wellbeing strategy and programmes. Back end access to the platform allows you to manage everything from tracking what aspects of wellbeing your employees are most engaged in to setting up fun company challenges.

Employee Access

Whether your employees want to relax, learn, exercise, reach goals or sustain long-term healthy habits, our workplace wellbeing app has them covered. Using empirically validated research, we have spent a lot time perfecting our app to ensure maximum productivity and engagement levels from users.

Your all-in-one solution

Whether you want to tone up, relax, get healthy or change your habits, our workplace wellbeing platform has you covered. We believe the best way to attract people to a healthier lifestyle is to develop products that make that lifestyle more enjoyable.

Wellbeing Audit

Take an accurate measurement of your organisation’s wellbeing baseline with our wellbeing audit conducted through the Zevo Health app and managed in the back end of the platform. Work with our experts to create the survey questions and frequency that suits your organisation.

Employer Dashboards

Track the progress of your wellbeing programmes with custom dashboards that you can access in the back end of the platform. Here you can see at glance, what your company wellbeing score is, what wellbeing topics your employees are interested in and many more quick overviews.

Wellbeing Score

The Wellbeing Score gives your employees a metric to measure their physical health and psychological health. The score is scientifically calculated based off the results of a survey taken directly in-app and helps us give accurate content recommendations.


The Zevo Health app makes it easy and fun to create, share and take part in company wellbeing challenges. The challenges available range from personal, company-wide or even at an inter-company level where you can compete with other companies.


Make learning and behaviour changes easy and fun with our suite of masterclasses. We bring together experts in various mental and physical health topics to bring you professionally filmed and highly researched wellbeing masterclasses.

Who We Work With

Other Features


Our app facilitates a place where employees can come and talk about any of the difficulties they may be experiencing.

Single sign-on

Our platform allows a user to log in with a single ID and password once without having to enter on multiple occasions. A more secure approach.

Branded admin panel and app

Ensure that your brand is present in the back end of the platform and in your employees eyeline on our app.

Full HR Report

The back end of the platform allows you to create in-depth HR reports that can be broken down by team, department or location.


Employees can track their progress on leader boards and earn badges for their individual and team achievements.


Employees can access our large library of educational wellbeing content through our read, watch, listen structure.


Employees can update how they are feeling daily and give employers a quick overview of where their mood is. 


Our team of wellbeing experts, trained psychologists, dieticians and exercise coaches are at the fingertips of your employees with access to our live in-app chat feature.


Employees can access full workouts to suit their fitness needs and goals.


Our large range of healthy and nutritious recipes keep employees informed and engaged.


Our full range of meditations allow employees to relax and stay mindful in or outside work hours.


Pick from a range of goals to help us personalise the right content for each of your employees.

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"The Zevo Health Wellbeing App has allowed our employees to take the big step in seeking advice and support that they need from a wellbeing expert. It has allowed our employees to reach out for support and has made the process for them less stressful."

Eve StatkuteOcuco

"Bringing a wealth of experience to the table, Zevo has gone above and beyond our expectations in designing a creative and tailored wellness solution. I have no hesitation in recommending Zevo as a trusted wellness partner for any organisation."

Head OfficeCPL

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