Nutritional & Physical Health Workshops

Exploring the importance of a diet & exercise plan and how
it can have a positive effect on an individuals life.

About our Nutritional & Physical Health Workshops

Nutritional health is the focus of eating the correct foods that give you the nutrients that contribute to your overall health and energy. Our nutritional health workshops are aimed at exploring the importance of a balanced diet and how it can have a positive effect on an individuals life, both in and outside the workplace. Physical Health is the promotion of sufficient care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning. In our physical health workshops, we explore the importance of having a balance when it comes to physical activity, nutrition and mental wellbeing, to truly look after our overall physical health.

We have a range of other workshops that may suite your needs too so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you do not see one for you here.

Popular Workshops


This session gives people an understanding about what makes food healthy instead of what foods are healthy. The participants receive a template to base their healthy eating around, helping them with quantity control and food types.

Also discussed will be developing a habit tracker in order to develop healthy habits over time, instead of changing everything about your diet at once.

The objectives of this session are as follows:

  • Nutrition for dummies
  • So you don’t know what to eat
  • Nutrition – untangling the knot
  • Nutrition – escaping the maze of information
  • Nutrition made easy
  • Nutrition – things you need to know

Duration: 1 hour

Please note that Nutrition and Healthy Eating for non-shift/shift workers session is also available  



The amount of sleep required to feel rested varies from individual to individual. However, it is important to understand how this rhythm can adapt unintentionally in response to external cues, such as the presence of light exposure and eating times. Understanding how this rhythm works and how to maximise your sleep for recovery purposes for a greater level of functioning is important: This session on sleep and recovery will include the importance of sleep and recovery and how it can affect your day to day living.

The objectives of this session are as follows:

  • Introduction to Circadian rhythms
  • How much sleep is enough?
  • How sleep repairs the body.
  • The impact of stress on sleep.
  • The impact of an accumulated sleep debt; Cognitive Impairments; Emotional regulation; Behavioural Changes.

Duration: 1 hour



The foods that we intake can have an impact on our performance in work, our mood and concentration levels.  Understanding what the key nutrients are that we need to consume in order to feel good and perform at our highest standard in work is so important. This session on food for mood will include and provide attendees with the tools on how to get the best from their nutrition and what foods are best for this to excel in their jobs.

The objectives of this session are as follows:

  • Stress and how to combat it with food
  • The key nutrients we need to feel good
  • The best foods to enhance performance
  • Good gut health
  • Food for focus and concentration

Duration: 1 hour



Plant Based Diets

1/1.5-hour workshop which discusses the benefits of a plant-based diet. Short talk on important nutrients to mind on plant-based diet, practical tips on transitioning to plant-based eating patterns. Followed by a practical session e.g. food demo using plant-based ingredients and tasting session.

Eating on the Go

1/1.5-hour workshop which offers practical tips for busy people with little time for cooking and food prep. Short problem solving / trouble shooting session on a common barrier to change, lack of time. Quick easy meal ideas followed by a food demo of simple, super easy 10-minute meals & tasting.

Sports Nutrition

1/1.5-hour workshop which teaches the basics of sports nutrition; how to fuel your exercise, increase sports performance and optimize results in the gym. A short talk on sport nutrition followed by food demo & tasting e.g. homemade health protein bars.

The Breakfast Club

1/1.5-hour workshop which emphasizes the importance of starting the day right with healthy breakfast ideas. A good morning workshop to brighten up people’s week. A short talk on the benefits of breakfast follow by food demo, healthy breakfast & tasting. Alternatively, breakfast sample can be premade, to offer at start of workshop followed by a more extensive talk. Recipe E book provided.

Mood Boosting Foods

1/1.5-hour workshop which talks about the links between diet and mental health and performance. An interesting blend of neuroscience and nutrition for those concerned with enhancing cognitive function, memory, concentration and focus which ultimately improve both work productivity and health status. Short talk followed by practical session e.g. food demo & tasting incorporating brain boosting foods.

Energize your Life & Energy Masterclass (advanced + 30 mins)

1-hour workshop which provides you with practical tips and tricks to optimise energy levels. An intro/ casual assessment tool to help people assess their energy levels. Short talk on eating for energy levels. Followed by food demo: energy balls & tasting – with recipe provided.

Immune Boosting Foods

1/1.5-hour workshop which explores the immune system and teaches people how to protect themselves during flu season! Stronger immune systems mean less days lost to absenteeism and presenteeism which cost the Irish economy millions of euros annually. Short talk on eating for immunity. Optional immune boosting food demo & tasting session, incorporating food and info discussed in the talk.

Eat the Rainbow

1/1.5-hour workshop which explores the wonderful world of antioxidants and encourages you to brighten up your diets with vibrant colours to maximise your intake of these protective substances. A talk followed by colourful food demo and tasting, incorporating all colours of the rainbow.

Smart Snacks

1/1.5-hour workshop which focuses on healthy snacks. Optional foods demo or healthy snacks premade.

Practical activities may involve reading labels of snacks to help identify healthy options. List of healthy snacks provided.

Pop up Shake Shop

1/1.5-hour workshop which focuses on superfood smoothies and upgraded milkshake with tasting sessions and a smoothie recipe book.

Sugar Free Treats

1/1.5-hour workshop which talks about the effects of sugar in the body. Providing practical tips for curbing sugar cravings, advice on sweeteners and which ones are safe to use followed by demo of sugar free tasty treats or desserts.

Gut Health Workshop

1/1.5-hour workshop which talks about the importance of the digestive system for overall health and how to support the health of the gut, broaching topics such as fibre, probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods, gut bacteria as well as stress and emotional health. Optional food demo with recipes to nourish the gut & tasting session.

Label Reading

1/1.5-hour practical workshop which focuses on reading food labels and interpreting nutrition information to enable attendees to make healthy choices in the supermarkets. Short talk followed by practical label reading session and pocket tools provided for quick references when doing the weekly shop.


“I would like to thank the Zevo Health team for a really excellent programme and something people can use on an ongoing basis. Your support during the programme, on-site and off and responsiveness has been excellent.”


We have a range of other workshops that may suite your needs too so don't hesitate to ask if you do not see one for you here