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Zevo Health at the Trust & Safety Summit UK

Location: Park Plaza Victoria, London, United Kingdom
Dates: 13th -14th March 2024


About The Summit

Zevo Health is excited to announce our sponsorship of IQPC’s Trust & Safety Summit taking place on March 13th &  14th in Park Plaza Victoria, London, United Kingdom.

This pivotal event is tailored for the new era of digital regulation, including the Online Safety Act and Digital Services Act. This summit is dedicated to empowering industry leaders with practical knowledge, innovative strategies, and effective tools to master the complex world of online safety and proactively address evolving regulatory demands.

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Topics Explored

Regulatory Agility

Gain insights into adaptive strategies for compliance with dynamic local and global regulatory frameworks.

Enhanced Content Moderation

Explore advanced methodologies to augment the efficiency of AI-driven and automated content moderation systems.

Rebuilding User Trust

Learn effective techniques for detecting and countering misinformation and disinformation, and refining your crisis management approach.

Robust Age Verification Systems

Discover innovative approaches and technologies for reliable user verification, ensuring a safe online environment for all users.

Child Online Safety Measures

Gain knowledge on practical measures to shield young internet users from digital dangers.

Operational Excellence in Trust & Safety

Collaborate with key players to integrate solid processes and establish a transparent, resilient Trust & Safety policy framework.

Identifying Modern Online Risks

Develop a fresh understanding of online risks, including the identification of harmful actors, and learn about the latest tools for effective mitigation.

Scaling Trust & Safety Efficiently

Strategies to expand your Trust & Safety initiatives across your organization, even with limited resources.

Featured Speaker

Dr. Michelle Teo
Clinical Director at Zevo Health

We're thrilled to announce that our Clinical Director, Dr. Michelle Teo, will be participating in this year's UK Trust & Safety Summit hosted by IQPC. She'll join a panel discussion on day two at 10am focusing on moderator wellness & user wellbeing where they will address the psychological impact of content moderation and the importance of offering user support.

About Zevo Health

Zevo empowers the psychological health and safety of Content Moderation Teams by providing a world-class ecosystem of human intervention, best practice, and technology. We are the global leader in wellbeing solutions for Content Moderators and provide clinical interventions for each part of a Content Moderator’s career – from recruitment to leaver support. The Trust & Safety Summit aligns with our vision of empowering the psychological health and safety of content moderation teams.

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Keep an eye out for these friendly faces

Richard Murphy

Dr. Michelle Teo
Clinical Director

Jon Williams

Emma Cooke
Commercial Manager

Yoav Halevy Atkin,
Director of Trust & Safety Solutions

Andy Widdison
Director - Trust & Safety Solutions

Julie Salvage
Director - Trust & Safety Solutions

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