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4 reasons why company activity challenges are effective

By August 31, 2023No Comments

We’re excited to have recently launched The Fittest Workplace 2023 challenge. This physical activity initiative is designed to encourage companies of all sizes to participate in some friendly competition and to increase their employee’s physical activity.

There’s nothing like some healthy competition to unite us, especially for remote teams. Office fitness challenges, like ours, are a great way to increase team morale, create camaraderie, increase productivity, and improve individual physical fitness.

Through our years of research in workplace wellness challenges, we have discovered that the best way to introduce healthy competition into a workplace is by running a series of activity challenges.

Why should your company take part in a company challenge?

Participating in a company challenge offers multifaceted benefits beyond mere fitness challenges. It acts as a catalyst for improved cognitive function, fosters a sense of community, enhances employee engagement, and strengthens the organisational culture.

Embracing such team building activities can enable companies to boost healthy employees and drive collective growth and productivity. Let’s have a look at this in more detail below.

1.Improves concentration levels

Exercise, especially step challenges, has proven to increase mood levels which, as a result, positively affects the individual’s performance. Regular exercise also increases concentration levels and makes the individual more alert and energised throughout the working day. Taking healthy snack breaks or healthy lunch breaks can also contribute to this.

According to a study published in Harvard Men’s Health Watch, regular moderate intense exercise stimulates brain regions involved in memory function to release a chemical called BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

This natural substance improves the functionality of the brain cells in your memory circuits – ergo, better memory, better concentration, and increased productivity.

2.Increase employee engagement

The importance of employee engagement is sometimes overlooked. An engaged workforce provides a company with many benefits, including reducing staff turnover, improving productivity, retaining customers at a higher rate, and making more profits for an organisation.

The most crucial factor engaged employees result in is happier individuals, both in and outside work. When employees are engaged, they are more fulfilled, energised, and enthusiastic in their place of work.

Research shows that engaged and healthy employees are, on average, up to 30 days more productive and likely to provide further company loyalty to employers who demonstrate an interest in their well-being.

A workplace wellness challenge increases engagement as employees have a common ultimate goal and something they both want to succeed at. It improves communication throughout the company and makes the employees feel they are part of something, which in turn, helps with increasing engagement levels within the company.

3.Enhances company culture

When a company has a sense of community, it increases morale and enhances the organisation’s culture. Employees with a sense of community in their jobs are happier, more positive, and enthusiastic overall.

A company activity challenge, like a walking challenge or even team activities like icebreaker games, helps to create a sense of community within an organisation, and there is a shared goal among the workforce. When employees value and respect the culture they work in, it brings employers and employees closer together, contributing to a company’s bottom line.

4.Your team gets to know each other better

Company activity challenges are designed to engage employees and get your entire team interacting with each other to build on their relationships. The challenge helps your team to maintain and build upon their relationships. This makes the office atmosphere more fun and helps build trust and communication among the workforce.

They also help employees develop a more personal connection with their colleagues and break down corporate barriers that could be there. Challenges are also a brilliant way to welcome new team members.

What are other emerging benefits of company activity challenges?

Company activity challenges also encompass a holistic approach to employee well-being. From mental health to fostering a sense of community and promoting sustainable practices, these challenges offer myriad benefits that contribute to personal growth and organisational success.

Boost mental well-being

Corporate wellness challenges can significantly boost the mental well-being of employees. These challenges provide a break from routine work, reducing burnout and promoting mental rejuvenation. Such activities offer a respite from the daily grind, allowing employees to reset and return with renewed energy and focus.

Heightened collaboration across departments

Participation in fun corporate wellness challenges allows employees to interact and mingle with fellow officemates, promoting stronger team relationships. These challenges often lead to inter-departmental teams, fostering collaboration and understanding between groups that might interact infrequently. This cross-functional collaboration can lead to innovative ideas and solutions in the workplace.

Promote skill development

Corporate wellness challenges can promote skill development. For instance, mindfulness tasks can teach employees techniques to stay present and reduce stress. At the same time, time management challenges can enhance productivity. These skills benefit the individual and contribute to the organisation’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Encourage sustainability and environmental awareness

Challenges like the Bicycle Challenge encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work, promoting physical fitness and environmental responsibility. Such eco-friendly challenges not only promote physical activity but also raise awareness about sustainability and the importance of reducing one’s carbon footprint.

What’s the feedback from our previous company activity challenges?

Let’s look at some testimonials from last year’s “The Fittest Workplace of 2022” winners that underscore the profound impact that company activity challenges can have on team bonding, motivation, and overall workplace culture.

Cpl, the winner of The Fittest Workplace 2022 challenge, shared their transformative experience during the competition. Lorna Conn, Cpl’s CEO, highlighted the shift in focus and camaraderie among colleagues:

“What we learned from these challenges is that seniority is quickly forgotten. The focus shifted to steps, audiobooks, motivation and getting to know your colleagues personally. 

There is nothing better to get your colleagues bonding than sharing motivational WhatsApp messages at midnight when your family and friends believe you have lost the plot, but your Cpl colleagues are out pounding the pavements with you in a bid to take the title.”

Emma Errity, Cpl’s challenge coordinator, who had joined the company remotely just six months before the challenge, found it to be an excellent way to connect with her colleagues:

“Having joined Cpl remotely just six months ago, being involved in this challenge was a fantastic way to meet people across Cpl from the top down. We motivated each other through the tougher days, and I’m so proud of everyone for the work they put in, which led us to come out on top. Bring on next year!”

Stay tuned for our upcoming challenges, and prepare to compete for the title of The Fittest Workplace for 2023. Join us in promoting a healthy and active workplace!

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