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Meditating Your Way to Success

By November 9, 2020November 28th, 2022No Comments
Meditating Your Way to Success

Some of the world’s most influential leaders are avid practitioners of meditation, with many even going as far as crediting it for their success. No longer considered New Age thinking, meditation is being studied by modern science for its physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

Academics have long been researching how these benefits influence the different aspects of human life, with a particular focus on how it impacts work. And it is one of the reasons that psychology has come to the fore with one recent report showing that it was the fourth most popular individual major overall, which is demonstrated in the increasing number of people seeking careers in the field. Those who take online psychology degrees have been shown to move into rehabilitation clinics and counseling centers, which take the principles of the practice to help people find success in different aspects of their lives. The evidence pointing to the connection between mental health and success is growing, which is why psychology experts are in high demand in the private and public sectors. One of the wellness tools they have found most effective is meditation — and the reasons are compelling.

Meditation enhances cognitive abilities

Taking a few minutes to meditate daily can be good for the brain. Several studies concluded that meditation improves cognitive function through a number of ways, one of which is by boosting focus. In one university-led experiment, participants who meditated for 10 minutes before listening to an audio story were able to pay more attention compared to participants who didn’t meditate. The ability to focus on an ongoing task instead of being distracted by internal worries was the secret to their heightened concentration.

Furthermore, maintaining laser focus is also linked to making fewer mistakes when completing tasks and having a sharper mind overall. In the professional world, this can translate to greater productivity and success given that you spend less time correcting errors that could have been avoided.

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety

Wellness programs put an emphasis on stress- or anxiety-relieving activities because of the high burnout rate among today’s workers. Though a good level of stress can keep us alert and motivated, it can quickly spiral out of control. Chronic stress or anxiety is a reality for a lot of people nowadays. We’re living in a rapidly evolving environment — just the last few months are proof of that. The demands of our world can be difficult to keep up with but luckily meditation can help.

Breath work is the key to alleviating stress and anxiety in meditation. You’re asked to keep the eyes closed and concentrate on taking long, deep, and deliberate breaths. As simple as it sounds, controlled breathing activates the relaxation response which is opposite to the fight-or-flight response. This biological mechanism regulates your heart rate, blood flow, and even reduces muscle tension. All of these help you enter a state of calmness, a useful trick to learn and practice when faced with a lot of pressure at work.

Meditation deepens emotional intelligence

No one can reach success alone. In your career, you’ll encounter a lot of different people, meaning you need to be equipped with the right people skills. According to a study on meditation’s effect on emotional intelligence, people who meditate regularly are better at managing workplace stress, conflict, and negotiation. They’re also able to demonstrate empathy towards colleagues, which, for the past decade, has been cited as one of the most important leadership qualities. People who can understand other people’s emotions as much as their own are simply more effective at leading and empowering others.

The study also showed a slight increase in self-awareness. To become more successful at work and leadership, one needs to understand their strengths and weaknesses as well as their thoughts, feelings, and abilities. This involves a lot of honest work, and meditation is the perfect tool for developing self-awareness.

All of these can contribute to your success one way or another. Through meditation, you can be more physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to rise above the day-to-day challenges of your career.

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Author: Natalie Watson


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