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Ciara Connolly, MSc

MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Education: Ciara graduated from ICHAS with an MA in counselling and psychology.

Areas of Expertise: Ciara’s current practise is diverse, she is active in conducting research on Self-awareness, safeguarding and psychoeducation to help ensure the wellbeing of students and young adults in Ireland.

About Ciara

Ciara Connolly is at the forefront of her career recently completing an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy. As part of her degree, she set up her own service which offered free counselling to people in Ireland in response to the overwhelmed supports in Ireland due to Covid-19.Additionally, she supports individuals through trauma, stress and helps her clients move through a variety of issues in her own practise.

These issues include eating disorders, bullying, anxiety, depression, illness or coming to terms with a disability.Ciara is a genuine and caring counsellor who strives to foster self-compassion, confidence and to empower her clients. She takes a humanistic approach to her counselling methods meeting the client where they are at in order to give them the best support possible.