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Zevo Health Institute

Elevating our industry to the next level in employee wellbeing and leading the way in research and evidence-based workplace interventions.

Since its inception in 2017, Zevo Health has gone from stride to stride to become one of the most innovative and expert-led drivers of workplace wellbeing across the world.

The Zevo Health Institute was designed to elevate our industry to the next level in employee wellbeing and lead the way in research and evidence-based workplace interventions.

We have an incredible team and we pride ourselves on the research we conduct, the technology we create and the positive performance changes we see in clients.

The Zevo Health Promise



We are company inspired by people and created by experts.

We excel at bringing novel solutions to our clients – we don’t believe in taking the path of least resistance, (the one size fits all approach), we believe in bringing quality, depth and insight to our wellbeing solutions, which means research is a must!  We take what we know in psychology, fitness and nutrition and bring it to life. We raise the bar when it comes to looking after employee wellbeing and we do this by conducting in-depth research so that we stay one step ahead of the curve ensuring that you and your teams benefit from the expertise that we have in house.



Our product team have developed technology to pave the way for innovation in workplace wellbeing.

Our leading-edge technology builds effective and lasting healthy habits for employees. It was designed to drive engagement and encourage productivity. Our digital platform helps employees take control of their health and wellbeing through activities like team challenges to make health and fitness fun, Zevo Academy masterclasses to educate them on various wellbeing topics, meditations to help you focus and relax in work and many more.



“85% of our employees felt the Zevo Health digital platform motivated them to become more active which in turn, promotes engagement in the workplace” – Zevo Health Client.

To make an impact on an organisational level, we must first make positive changes to the behaviour and overall health of employees at the individual level. The strength of your organisation is dependent on the health and wellbeing of each and every single employee. You can’t have sustained performance without wellbeing so let us support you be the best version your organisation dreams to be by ensuring your teams have access to the health and wellbeing skills, knowledge and resources to gain self-mastery in their own wellbeing journey.

Trusted by other industry leaders across the globe


“Zevo Health have provided a wellbeing programme that has been effective and we will continue to roll it out to all our offices around the world”.

Eve Statkute, HR Administrator

Meet a few of our experts

Aoife Kinsella, MSc

Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapist

Shauna Farrell, MSc

Wellbeing specialist

Thomaz Lopes , MSc


Dr. Michelle Teo


Gareth Murran, MSc

Product Director

Sarah Keane, MSc

Wellbeing Consultant

Pamela Lennon, MSc

Mental Wellbeing Consultant & PhD Candidate

Ann Gleeson, MA

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

International Science Advisory Board

Prof. Paula Brough

Prof. of Organisational Psychology

Prof. Alex Edmans

Prof. of Finance at London Business School

Prof. Mark Cropley

Prof. of Health Psychology

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Read cutting edge research from internationally academics and experts across key fields the impact employee wellbeing and engagement.

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“Bringing a wealth of experience to the table, Zevo has gone above and beyond our expectations in designing a creative and tailored wellness solution. I have no hesitation in recommending Zevo as a trusted wellness partner for any organisation.”

CPL Head Office



of CPL employees stated that the Zevo Health app motivated them to become more active.



more CPL employees are participating in wellness challenges using the Zevo Health app

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